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Sabyan Gambus was ridiculed because of the case of alleged infidelity between Nissa and Ayus

Dream – Sabyan Gambus has rarely appeared on television lately. During Ramadan, they were not even seen performing, even though in previous years they had never been absent.

They rarely appear after being hit by rumors of an affair between the vocalist, Nissa, and keyboard player, Ayus.

Even though they can’t be seen on television, Nissa and her friends still seem to be actively filling the show offair. In the account uploaded video @rumpi_gossipSabyan Gambus appeared in a celebration held in the middle of the village.

nisa© instagram

For the location of the gig does not look luxurious. Nissa and other Sabyan members had to walk because the car could not be parked until the event venue. Because, the stage is in the middle of the alley.

This video immediately became the spotlight of netizens. Many sarcastic comments received by this music group.

“The sustenance of a legal wife and pel*kor is so differentsaid the account @lidyama57.

why is there anyone who wants to invite?said the account @jimine_zka.

Social sanctions are in action…thank goodness it’s gonesaid the account @evoy_ajj.

different wives, different fortunes let alone hurt the wife’s heart, it’s far awaysaid the account @dhewihalifah.

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Back Existing, Sabyan Gambus Welcomed by Nyinyir Haters

Dream – Sabyan Gambus is back in existence after being invited to appear on television several times. They still try to be professional even though the gossip that befell their personnel, Nissa and Ayus Sabyan, is still being brought up by netizens.

As in the video uploaded by the @tante_rempong_offficial account, Nissa and Sabyan Gambus are seen practicing to prepare to appear on the Trans TV show.

“Twenty seconds of overtune,” said Ayus Sabyan, which was immediately refuted by the drummer. “I think it’s been replaced.”

Although there was a debate between Ayus and the drummer. Netizens still focus on Ayus and Nissa. Moreover, there was a moment when Nissa smiled in the middle of training.

sabyan© Instagram

Seeing Sabyan who will be active again on television, netizens are even sarcastic.

I didn’t clarify, I didn’t feel guilty, I didn’t feel anything.” . Your face is so immune,” said the imeyga_ account.

Every time he sees the news, he is naturally annoyed, how come there are people as shameless as him?said the angelinaprimadia account

Given the stage or trans tv…the manners and morals of the entertainment industry have been eroded…there’s no shame in that,” said the Yantiharinto account.

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Nissa Sabyan and Ayus Finally Appear on the Small Screen

Dream – Two Sabyan Gambus personnel, Nissa and Ayus finally appeared in public. This appearance for the first time occurred when the Gambus group they were playing against appeared on a television program.

With confidence, Nissa waddled out her golden voice. Likewise, a man named Ahmad Fairuz Ayus, who was behind the keyboard, seemed to be free to play music accompanying Nissa’s voice.

Nissa Sabyan appeared in a white dress with a touch of the same brown color as the hijab she used. In that performance, Nissa and the Sabyan Gambus group sang the song Aisyah Istri Rasulullah.

Nissa Sabyan© Nissa Sabyan

Even though they have appeared on the small screen, Nissa and Ayus have remained in their position not to talk about their personal lives.

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Reluctant to talk about romance

Nissa Sabyan© Nissa Sabyan

Likewise when asked by Irfan the judge in the makeup room. In his interview, Irfan Hakim discussed the love problem of a 19-year-old woman.

“Mattress? Have you got a girlfriend yet?” asked Irfan Hakim.

“Haven’t thought of it yet. Not yet (Has a girlfriend),” answered Nisa Sabyan.

Hearing Nisa’s confession, Irfan Hakim couldn’t believe it. He judged that a woman like Nissa couldn’t possibly not have a lover or a man who approached her

“Seriously. I don’t know but haven’t thought about it, yes, I’m serious, but I still want to enjoy playing music first,” answered Nisa.

Not satisfied with Nisa’s answer, Irfan Hakim continued to explore the criteria for Nisa Sabyan’s partner. But the singer of Sapu Jagat refused to comment.

“How come you’re talking about a mate, okay?” said Nisa, refusing to answer.