Reluctant to pamper Jessica Iskandar, Vincent Verhaag is ridiculed by Netizens. Stingy husband: I’m not a walking ATM

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Vincent Verhaag and Jessica Iskandar (

Vincent Verhaag was scorned by netizens as a stingy husband for refusing to pamper Jessika Iskandar.

Ade Wismoyo | Muhammad Azy Aminullah

Saturday, May 14, 2022 | 12:50 WIB

1NEWS – The aftermath of his refusal to indulge Jessica Iskandar, Vincent Verhaag was scorned by netizens as a stingy husband.

Previously, Vincent Verhaag confirmed that he would not allocate his monthly household money for Jessica Iskandar’s fashion needs.

“But if you burn money for your fashion, no. I’m not a walking ATM for you,” said Vincent Verhaag.

Vincent Verhaag and Jessica Iskandar (

Instead of pampering Jessica Iskandar, Vincent Verhaag revealed that his monthly money was allocated for household needs.

“I spend my money for household needs. School, house, electricity, children’s fees. That’s okay, I burn money, it’s okay,” he said.

If Jessica Iskandar wants to buy something for her fashion, Vincent Verhaag asks her to buy it herself.

“Please buy it, I’m fair,” he continued, quoted from YouTube Kitchen Talk Online on Saturday (14/5/2022).

Despite strict financial principles, Vincent Verhaag admits that he still spoils Jessica Iskandar on special days.

“But, once in a while it’s fine. Birthdays, mothers day of all kinds. There are special days that’s okay,” he said.

Footage of the video upload was widely spread in a number of gossip accounts and became a hot conversation for netizens.

A number of netizens assessed Vincent Verhaag as a stingy husband because he was reluctant to finance Jessica Iskandar’s fashion.

“This is the forerunner of the lamp of calculation,” wrote one netizen, “It’s scary to have a stingy husband with a model like this,” another netizen said, “Frugal can, don’t be stingy,” said another netizen.


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