SEA Games 2021, Wushu Sports Again Donate Medals

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“There was a touching moment…”

1NEWS – Altet wushu son Nicholas couldn’t hold back tears after scoring high marks in Taolu Taiji Jian’s number which brought him silver on his debut at SEA Games which this time took place in Vietnam.

Nicholas looks calm and gentle in the movements he performs in front of the jury and the audience at the Cau Giay Gymnasium, Hanoi, Saturday (14/05/2022).

Nicholas, who was wearing an all-white outfit with blue accents, immediately approached and hugged the coach while crying after being declared by the jury to be entitled to a score of 9.71, which at that time was the highest score.

“Crying satisfaction was relieved and everything was released, because yesterday the first day I failed in the Taijiquan empty-handed number,” Nicholas said as quoted by Antara News.

However, Nicholas had to settle for silver when Singaporean wushu athlete Jun Kai Chan scored 9.72 to seal the gold.

Even so, Nicholas admitted to playing loose and calmer in this match.

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“It was unexpected for me because this is arguably my first SEA Games, so I didn’t think I could get a medal, especially silver, right,” said Nicholas.

In the previous match, Haris Horatius also managed to donate silver in the men’s Taoulu Nan Quan number with a value of 9.70, adding to the medal tally for wushu which had collected one silver and one bronze.

The silver medal was presented by Nandhira Mauriskha from the women’s Taolu Jian Shu number, while the bronze medal was donated by Seraf Naro Siregar from the men’s Taolu Chang Quan.

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