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1NEWS North Sumatra – Polrestabes Medan, pocketed the identity of the perpetrator of student abuse named Abdul Latif, 18 years old.

Latif himself went to the Medan Polrestabes to make a report, covered in blood.

“We have pocketed the identity of the reported party,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Medan Police Commissioner Teuku Fathir Mustafa, Friday (5/13/2022).

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Teuku Fathir said that his party had gone to the house of the perpetrator to be arrested. However, the perpetrator’s house is empty.

“We have tried to visit the reported house, but it is currently empty,” said Fathir.

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From CCTV footage, the victim and the perpetrator got into a fight, before finally the perpetrator stabbed the victim with his motorbike key.

“On CCTV, it can be seen that between the complainant and the reported a gunfight occurred which resulted in the complainant being injured on the side of the ear,” he said.

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Currently, it is still examining a number of witnesses in this case. The provisional result, the incident occurred because of a difference of understanding.

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