This Senior Idol Discusses The Difficulties Of Being A Celebrity, Called A ‘Pig Girl’ To Threats Of Death! | Kpop Chart

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One of the members of Brave Girls, Yujeong who is a permanent member of the KBS2 program, Bbaegopadiscusses the difficulties of being a celebrity, ranging from diet problems and malicious comments through the latest episode that aired on May 14, 2022.

Yujeong and his group were on the verge of disbanding just before their song “Rollin’” topped various charts in South Korea and won Perfect All-Killmade the Brave Girls known again.

Bbaegopa program poster (Photo: KBS2)

Sharing the story, Yujeong admitted that he had wanted to stop being a singer because of his body shape that was above the average idol in general, “I have made the decision to give up being a singer, but suddenly we reap a lot of attention”, said the senior idol to skyrocketing their name.

However, ‘comeback‘ which suddenly also had a negative effect, including malicious comments that Yujeong and Brave Girls kept getting, “people call us ‘pig girls’ and even send us threatening messages like, ‘I’ll kill you’”, explained Yujeong. .

Yujeong Brave Girls (

Meanwhile, Yujeong and Brave Girls are currently busy with their performances on Queendom 2 as a participant in the Mnet idol competition program.

How do you feel about the malicious comments received by Yujeong and Brave Girls? (1NEWS)