Vincent Frankly Doesn’t Want To Pay For Jessica Iskandar’s Expensive Outfit | 1NEWS

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Sometimes you can, too often Vincent doesn’t want to.

Dream – Vincent Verhaag bluntly admitted that he did not want to pay for Jessica Iskandar’s expensive fashion needs. Starting from clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories.

Jessica Iskandar’s husband only wants to spend money for daily needs. Jedar, Jessica’s nickname, has often used expensive outfits from well-known brands.

my money I spend it for household needs, school, house, electricity, what are the costs for the children, what are the costs of all kinds, that’s okay, I burn money, it’s okay,” said Vincent Verhaag, quoted from the YouTube channel Dapur Talk Online.

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Not a Running ATM

As the head of the household, Vincent does not want to waste money just to buy his wife’s fashion needs which he thinks are not important.

“But if you ask me to burn money for your fashion, no, I’m not here to support you,” he said.

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According to Vincent, there are certain times when he buys luxury items for Jessica.

“I’m not a walking ATM for you, but once in a while it’s finebirthday, mother’s day whatever, there are special days, that’s okay,” he said.

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However, he did not forbid Jessica to buy the things she needed using her own money.

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“Sometimes he also asks if I want this, please buy it, I’m fair,” he said.

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Vincent Is Not Wasteful

Vincent’s statement is not a man who is wasteful, justified by his son, El Barack.

“No,” El answered about whether Vincent liked to buy luxury goods.

El admits that Vincent only has one luxury watch.

“Well, El can’t say no,” said Vincent.

“Not at all, maybe only have one Rolex watch,” added El. (mut)