Want to Pass the TKD Test for Joint Recruitment with BUMN? Hurry Up Take This Important Step!

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1NEWS, It is important for the 2022 State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Joint Recruitment participants to take part in trial test and on line test, after passing the selection of Basic Ability Test (TKD) and BUMN Core Values.

Sourced from the Instagram Human Capital Indonesia Forum (FHCI), FHCI said that there are seven important things that participants must know so that the test process can be smoother. So, what is it? Let’s see the complete information below.

The selection stages will be held from 19-24 May 2022. Each participant has a different test schedule. Then you must view this information through an invitation sent via email or message on the BUMN Joint Recruitment account.

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Important to note, selection on line This must be done according to the stipulated time and cannot be changed for any reason.

How to access the selection site on line TKD test and Core Values BUMN Information about site link on line TKD test and Core Values BUMN has been listed in the invitation sent by the 2022 BUMN Joint Recruitment.

Later you will get a detailed schedule starting from the date, day, and time of processing. In addition there is also a link to access the test as well as a username and password password to access the test site. Never share usernames and password it to any party.

Take advantage of the trial test

Participants will take two tests, namely: trial test and on line test. trial test carried out on May 14-17, 2022. This test can be used as a means to try and confirm the devices, networks, and infrastructure that will be used during the test on line.

trial test is optional or not mandatory. Nonetheless, participants are advised to take advantage of this test. Pay attention to the conditions for follow trial test listed in the invitation email that you get.

Username and password cannot be used

If time trial test or on line test, username and password can’t be used, you don’t panic. The login system is case sensitive, so you need to pay attention to whether the use of upper / lower case / numbers / symbols is correct. We recommend that you copy and paste (copy-paste) username and password to notepad to make sure there are no spaces or punctuation marks such as quotes (“) that are also filled in the available fields.

If you are still having problems, please contact Help Desk via email and telegram when trial test and on line test takes place with confirmation of the participant’s name, email, and NIK.

The question doesn’t appear after logging in

If for 1 minute after you log in to the test application the questions don’t appear, don’t panic. Do a refresh or reload the application. Make sure browser you are using is the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Then activate the Javascript feature and use an adequate internet network. If you still find problems, please contact immediately Help desk.

Connection or power failure during test

Meanwhile, if the connection is lost, the power goes out, or the browser fails during the test. The answers that you have previously filled in will be saved automatically by the system, as long as you use browser and the same device. Immediately re-access the 2022 BUMN Joint Recruitment test application and use students’ time as well as possible.

Timeout but not yet click “Finish test”

The last thing that the 2022 BUMN Joint Recruitment participants need to pay attention to is the duration of the test. If the time is up but you haven’t clicked “Finish test”, you don’t need to worry. All your answers will be saved automatically.

However, to avoid this, we recommend that you use your time efficiently and prepare yourself and your equipment to the fullest.

That was a series of important steps that need to be considered by TKD test participants and Core Values BUMN 2022. Keep praying and trying so that you can pass the test. Spirit![]


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