6 Facts about Benedict Wong, Wong’s Role in Doctor Strange

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Wong Played by Benedict Wong

is Parents Have you seen the Doctor Strange movie, both the first and the second? If so, you must be familiar with Wong’s character, right? One of the facts about Benedict Wong is that he is a British actor, you know!

Benedict Wong has also been in the Hollywood film industry for almost 3 decades. He has appeared in many films and TV series which many people are not very aware of. With the many skills he has, he can be called a very influential supporting character in many ways.

So, here are some facts about Benedict Wong, who plays Wong in Doctor Strange:

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Benedict Wong’s Profile and Facts

1. Be Yourself

One of the Marvel Superheroes, Wong

One thing that often happens in Hollywood is that some of the actors who are in it are too easy to be labeled by the public which might really define who a person is.

Call it Johnny Depp with the label people slengean or Dwayne Johnson with the label macho-his. It is different with Benedict Wong who does not want to be known as one of the types of people with labeling that often occurs in Hollywood like that.

Wong doesn’t care what he does in his career, because he just wants to be himself.

Maybe that’s why Benedict Wong became the character of Wong in the movies Marvel Cinematic Universe, because with the similarity of the name he seemed to be himself too.

Agree no Parentsthat being yourself is more important?

2. Big Bruce Lee Fan

Benedict Wong

Benedict Wong really loves movies Enter the Dragonmany people think that this is one of the best Bruce Lee movies ever made.

The film is also the most referenced for various works in pop culture other. It seems that Wong is someone who draws a lot of inspiration from Bruce Lee as well.

3. Cast of Kublai Khan in Series Marco Polo

Benedict Wong as Kublai Khan

Benedict Wong plays the role of Kublai Khan in the Netflix series titled Marco Polo in 2014. While filming for Kublai Khan in the country of Kazakhstan, Wong said that he and his film crew had to drive for nearly five hours every day to their shooting locations outside the city.

Where the only path available was a passage between the mountains that they had to traverse.

Recalling Kublai Khan’s shoot in Kazakhstan, he said that the location would be in the mountains where only the sound of horses could be heard. Wong liked that too, because he thought it was a kind of beautiful silence.

4. Born and Raised in England

British Actor is a Fact of Benedict Wong

Please note, that Benedict Wong’s parents are immigrants from Hong Kong. Wong was born and raised in England with what one can imagine in his life were the many cultural differences he went through.

Wong was taught Chinese culture from his parents, but he was also exposed to many influences from the world outside his home, so it is easy to think that he received a deep education throughout his life in the field of cultural diversity.

5. Wong’s character will hardly appear in Doctor Strange

Benedict Wong Facts, the Role of Wong in Doctor Strange

As several have quoted, in an interview, director Scott Derrickson mentioned that he almost didn’t include the character of Wong in the film because of the Asian stigma behind it.

Fortunately, it looks like he kept his promise. Instead of just being sidekickWong seems to have a bigger role.

Instead of taking part in martial arts, he will become a sorcerer, helping teach Strange the concepts of magic.

In terms of representation, it is a step in the right direction. Not only does Hollywood need more Asian-American actors in the film industry, it needs them to take on a wider variety of roles than just playing martial arts experts.

6. Actor George Takei Also Plays Wong

George Takei

The next Benedict Wong fact is when casting MCU movies for The Ancient One announced, many Marvel fans were furious at first. Instead of the stereotypical wise Asian male, the film’s producers chose Tilda Swinton in the role.

Although it’s good that The Ancient One is a woman, a lot of people get angry that the MCU studio didn’t pick someone of Asian descent.

Actor of Japanese descent named George Takei, firmly expressed his thoughts on his Facebook page.

he wrote, “So let me get this straight. You chose a white actress so as not to hurt sales … in Asia? This backpedaling is almost as horrific as the casting. Marvel who must think we’re all idiots.”

Thanks to the opinion of George Takei, who is a senior actor in Hollywood because he has played the Zulu character in the Star Trek film, the MCU finally chose a man of Asian descent to play the character of Wong. Benedict Wong was finally elected.

It turns out that George Takei himself is a little more familiar with Marvel than we thought. In the animated series Spider-Man popular in the 1990s, George Takei voiced Wong in the character’s only appearance.

While looking for Mary Jane, Peter Parker saves Wong from a group of ninjas. It turned out that the ninjas had been brainwashed under the influence of Baron Mordo.

Even though it’s only for one episode, the Marvel animated series shows us all the fighting abilities of Wong’s capable character.

Well, those are interesting facts about the actor who played Wong in Doctor Strange from Marvel Studios, Parents. Have any of you watched this superhero movie he played?


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