9 Unique Makeup Portraits from MUA’s Face Paint Drops @sunshinethebee. Stunning!

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Face as a painting canvas

Mixing water into the product make-up This is usually done to make the product more unified and look natural on the face. It turns out that the use of water is not only that. If you understand the technique, you can also create it into makeup look super unique like Josie, the owner of this @sunshinethebee Instagram account.

Josie is famous for her ability to drip face paint to form a look make-up. Each drop that flows turns into a unique piece that will blend with the rest of the droplets that it creates. This time Hipwee Style will review some looks make-up another from Josie who is no less unique. Come on, see!

1. Josie describes her face as a painted canvas. On it he blends various colors to form makeup look which artsy

Face as canvas painting | Credit: Instagram @sunshinethebee

2. Usually Josie will use flat brush to smear make-up to his face. This time he made look brightly colored

Using a flat brush

Using a flat brush | Credit: Instagram @sunshinethebee

3. To produce a cloud scene effect and sunsets, Josie was good at slapping her face with her palms. Of course you don’t just clap, because the results are really good~

Sunset themed makeup

Sunset themed makeup | Credit: Instagram @sunshinethebee

4. Josie uses paint palette especially for the face. Brush which he uses should be slightly dipped in water before taking the product. The water will give the impression like a painting when applied to the face

Josie's face painting

Josie’s face painting | Credit: Instagram @sunshinethebee

5. In addition to brushes, Josie also uses clear plastic coated with the appropriate color look what he wants. It’s really creative to be able to mix colors so that it becomes a balanced mix

Use clear plastic

Using clear plastic | Credit: Instagram @sunshinethebee

6. Makeup this one is inspired by cartoon Powerpuff Girls. Josie combines orange, red, and purple. Then he added a motive love as cover

7. Mostly makeup look Josie takes about 5-7 minutes to make. However, it was Josie’s diligence in her hands that made look this can be finished in a relatively short time

8. Josie rarely plans looks make-up what he wants to do. He prefers to play with brushes and palette-his. Creative people’s hands are different, right~

Josie's face painting

Josie’s face painting | Credit: Instagram @sunshinethebee

9. Type make-up like this it can not be used for everyday. But to create certain illusions or characters, of course this is a technique that can be practiced

Flowery theme makeup

Flowery theme makeup | Credit: Instagram @sunshinethebee

Well, that was a row of views make-up or face painting Josie’s creation. You can check directly on his personal Instagram to see other slick creations from Josie, okay~


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