Bali United Doesn’t Side with Young Players, Chooses Comot Mature Players Even in Old Age in the Transfer Market | 1NEWS

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Bali United in the hands of Stefano Cugurra once again gathered the elderly players, the youngest recruits aged 29 years.

Bali United seems to be using senior players to defend Liga 1 and try to excel in the AFC Cup.

Coach Stefano Cugurra is known to prefer to use mature players and even tends to be at the end of his career to navigate League 1.

The condition of the old Bali United squad is actually starting to be rejuvenated, as indicated by the release of Wawan Hendrawan, Michael Orah, Taufik, and Dias Angga.

However, the movement in the transfer market does not show Serdadu Tridatu intends to look for players in the long term.

According to records, Bali United has brought in six players in the transfer market ahead of Liga 1 2022/23.

The six players are Muhammad Ridho, Jajang Mulyana, Hendra Bayauw, Ardi Idrus, Novri Setiawan, and Ramdani Lestaluhu.

Judging from age, the six players above are in the mature group, with the last four names being 29 years old.

M Ridho is considered older, at 31 years (although much younger than Spiderwan, who is 39 years old).

Jajang Mulyana (33) looks set to be “the next” Leonard Tupamahu, who shines in his old age thanks to the Teco polish.

The transfer policy above is exacerbated by the lack of playing minutes for the young players fostered by Bali United themselves.

From last season’s squad, only Made Andhika was routinely trusted as a starter, even then he was 25 years old.

When compared to champion clubs in neighboring countries, Bali United seems to be the team that is the most “anti” young players.

Bali United players celebrate the goal scored by Stefano Lilipaly against PSM Makassar in Week 23 of Liga 1 2021-2022.


Bali United players celebrate the goal scored by Stefano Lilipaly against PSM Makassar in Week 23 of Liga 1 2021-2022.

In Johor Darul Takzim, there are several prominent young players, such as Safawi Rasid or Arif Aiman.

Likewise Buriram United in the Thai League, which exported Supachok Sarachat to the Japanese League and still has Suphanat Mueanta.

Bali United CEO Yabes Tanuri seems to fully support Teco’s policy above.

“Ardi Idrus and Novri Setiawan are very experienced in the Indonesian football scene,” said Yabes (10/5/2022).

“Our middle sector also presents Ramdani Lestaluhu as one of the experienced senior players in the Indonesian League,” he said.

It is necessary to wait until when Bali United will continue to maintain the pattern of recruiting the elderly players.


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