Balkonjazz Festival 2022 is a success, organizers thank residents around the event location

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1NEWS – The Balkonjazz Festival 2022 was successfully held on Saturday (14/5) night at the Gasblock Balkondes PGN Karangrejo, Magelang, Central Java. Even though it was raining, the music performance featuring famous musicians was still running lively with more than 1000 visitors.

Performing in a marathon from noon to almost midnight, the Balkonjazz Festival 2022 music performance features performances by well-known musicians namely Megantoro, Coldiac, Raissa Anggiani, Aditya Sofyan, Dere, Juicy Luicy, Rendy Pandugo, Pamungkas and Kahitna

Bakkar Wibowo as the founder of the Balkonjazz Festival CEO of Sinergi Live said the success of this year’s event was because Sinergi Live and PT Pertamina Gas Negara (PGN) Tbk as the organizer wanted to involve local residents.

“The success of the 2022 Balkonjazz Festival is the involvement of residents around the event venue. From the beginning we initiated the OW or Ojek Warga, to become the official means of transportation for the audience from their vehicle parking lot to the event venue. The valuation is more than IDR 60 million, even more, all of which are profits all for the local people,” said Bakkar Wibowo in a closing statement to reporters after the event.

Bakkar added that there should be a live inn program in the 2022 Balkonjazz Festival, but it can’t be done this year, because it requires careful planning.

However, Bakkar admits that his party is still learning from previous events in order to complete the mission.

“We have learned many things during the 2019 Balkonjazz Festival. So the preparation for the 2022 Balkonjazz Festival is far longer, more than two years due to the pandemic. So, it is much more organized and tidy,” explained Bakkar Wibowo.

Bakkar didn’t deny it, he was surprised that the tickets for the special event he initiated had sold out a few weeks before his D-Day. In fact, the tickets provided reached 1500 according to the capacity of the event location.

If three years ago it was held for free, the 2022 Balkonjazz Festival deliberately sold 1,500 tickets for Rp. 300,000 to limit the number of spectators because the pandemic was not completely over.

“Previously it was free, this year’s Balkonjazz has tickets because it is in accordance with the advice of the Covid-19 Task Force to limit the number of spectators,” concluded Bakkar Wibowo.

The Balkonjazz Festival also continues to synergize the economic potential of the surrounding community, through MSMEs, to foster enthusiasm and renewable energy. The concept of the Balkonjazz Festival is clear, which combines natural beauty, local wisdom in the community to show special music offerings.


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