Closes Balkonjazz Festival 2022 Concert, Kahitna: Thank You For Enduring

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1NEWS – Kahitna closed the annual music event, Balkonjazz Festival 2022 with love to thousands of spectators at Gasblock Balkondes PGN Karangrejo, Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java, Saturday (14/5) night.

The first concerts in Magelang and Yogyakarta during the pandemic presented nine well-known musicians such as Kahitna, Pamungkas, Rendy Pandugo, Adhitia Sofyan, Dere, Juicy Luicy, Raissa Anggaini, Coldiac and Megantoro.

Even though it was raining in the afternoon, the excitement of the 2022 Balkonjazz Festival did not subside. Thousands of spectators who have arrived since noon, remain faithfully waiting for their idol musicians to appear.

Kahitna became a cover band that wowed the fans. At around 21.10 WIB, Mario Ginanjar appeared on stage singing the song Tak Kan Replaced with Kahitna. Other Kahitna vocalists, Hedi Yunus and Carlos Saba, followed Mario Ginanjar to sing the song.

The friendly welcome of the thousands of spectators warmed the cold atmosphere after the rain. Kahita expressed his amazement to the audience who still faithfully waited for him even though it was raining.

“Hello, good evening Balkonjazz 2022, thank you for wanting to survive until now. From noon all the performers have been seen and now it’s time for Kahitna to entertain you all,” said Carlo Saba on the Balkonjazz 2022 stage in Magelang, Central Java, Saturday (14/14). /5) night.

“Thank you for holding on until now even though it was raining. We will have a concert later in Jakarta to celebrate Kahitna’s 36th birthday, I hope you can come later,” said Mario.

Some of Kahitna’s hit songs were performed at Balkonjazz Featival 2022, including Tak Sebebas Merpati, Unchanged, Love Stories, The Most Beautiful Former, If She Knows, About Me, Soulmate, A Year Yesterday, Just Say It and finally Beautiful.

Kahitna’s appearance was eagerly awaited by her fans because it was admittedly very entertaining. Moreover, Yovie Widianto’s works are known to make baper, make you happy and make your heart melt when you hear all the songs that were sung at that time.

In the middle of the event, Hedi Yunus appointed one of the female audience members to come on stage with Kahitna. A girl from Muntilan named Andrea stepped forward, until Mario Ginanjar kissed her forehead.

“What’s his name? It smells really good, it’s white again,” said Mario Ginanjar.

Andrea also managed to make many women jealous of him after watching the romantic scenes shown by the three vocalists of Kahitna to him.

On the stage of Balkonjazz Festival 2022, Andrea gets special treatment from Kahitna. Starting from being invited to sing together, being hugged and kissed on the forehead by Mario Ginanjar.

“That’s what his friend said that he couldn’t come back together,” said Hedi Yunus.

They sing in the song Not as Free as Merpati. And Kahitna’s action of pulling Andrea got the attention of many people.

Visitors to the 2022 Balkonjazz Festival were also immersed in the atmosphere. They kept on singing together humming the hits of Kahitna.


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