Constantly Getting Attacked by Farhat Abbas Accused of Just Using the Gala Sky, Fuji is in tears: I work with my own body!

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1NEWS, Bogor —

Lately, lawyer Farhat Abbas has become the talk of many people for attacking Fuji and Tariq Halilintar. He said he would take the two lovebirds to the police because they were busy dating and also brought up the issue of the exploitation of Gala Sky.

Recently, Vanessa Angel’s sister-in-law finally spoke up. The 19-year-old woman responded to Farhat Abbas’ accusations and the haters who accused him of only using the Gala Sky to gain popularity in the Indonesian entertainment world.

Farhat Abbas did continue to insinuate Haji Faisal’s family who got custody of the Gala. Fuji is also often criticized by the lawyer. On the side of Doddy Soedrajat, Farhat Abbas called the family of the late Aunt Ardiansyah a content family who used Gala to attract sympathy.

Fuji was criticized for frequently creating content with Gala, accused of simply taking advantage of his orphaned nephew. So how did Fuji respond?

When asked by reporters at an event held by the Child Protection Commission recently, Fuji confirmed that he was working with his own body, not telling Gala to work for him.

“Taking advantage of where I work with my own body,” said Tariq Halilintar’s lover, responding to the accusation like holding back tears.

Fuji later said that he felt awry because people would have a bad opinion if he didn’t create content with Gala.

“It’s my turn to not upload Gala, they say I don’t care, it’s my turn to upload, they say it’s content,” said Fuji.


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