Erick Thohir: Don’t Become Foam, The People Must Be The Waves In The Indonesian Economy

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1NEWS, Islamic boarding schools (ponpes) are the main foundation in the economic progress of the people. For this reason, BUMN is committed to continuing to help improve the quality of education in Islamic boarding schools.

“We don’t want the majority (Muslims) to only become foam in the Indonesian economy, but we have to be the waves that maintain the foundations of our country,” Erick said while attending the At-Thohir Prayer Council at the Salafiyah Syafiiyah Islamic Boarding School, Sukorejo, Situbondo, East Java, Saturday (14/5/2022) night.

The prayer assembly at the Islamic boarding school led by KHR Ahmad Azaim Ibrahimy was also attended by the Regent of Situbondo Karna Suwandi and about 15 thousand students. Prior to the event, the General Chair of the Islamic Economic Community (MES) took the time to visit the grave of KHR As’ad Syamsul Arifin who is a national hero and founder of the Sukorejo Islamic Boarding School.

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On this occasion, Erick emphasized the importance of Islamic boarding schools for the Indonesian economy. Erick said that Indonesia had succeeded in answering the doubts of many parties in handling the pandemic. Not only has succeeded in dealing with the pandemic, Indonesia has now become one of the countries with the highest economic growth rate in the world with five percent.

Erick thinks that this is not enough considering the magnitude of the challenges that are currently and will be faced by Indonesia in the era of disruption.

“From the beginning we realized the importance of reviving the people’s economy and the people’s economy, we cannot let the largest Muslim country but our halal industry not be included in the top 10 world producers. There is Taiwan, the US, Brazil, but Indonesia is not there. Something is wrong, but we are not blaming each other, this is the time for introspection to build the halal industry,” said Erick.

SOEs, continued Erick, already have Bank Syariah Indonesia which is included in the top 10 banks in Indonesia with total assets reaching Rp 360 trillion. Erick made BSI a forum for creating Muslimpreneurs.

“Why do I often attend Islamic boarding schools, because I want to make Islamic boarding schools a beacon of civilization, which is the economic foundation of the people,” continued Erick.

Erick said that one of the key factors in the progress of civilization is the quality of human resources (HR). For Erick, one of Indonesia’s best human resources is in the Islamic boarding school which emphasizes the importance of good morals and character education.


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