Farhat Abbas Allegedly Insults on Fuji and Tariq Halilintar’s Physical: Find a Handsome Girlfriend to Improve Their offspring

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Lately, Farhat Abbas is suspected of being aggressively insinuating Haji Faisal’s party. Farhat Abbas also did not hesitate to flick Haji Faisal’s youngest daughter, Fuji.

Farhat Abbas is seen taking care of Fuji’s love life with Tariq Halilintar. Previously, Farhat Abbas threatened to report the young couple because they were too busy to focus on taking care of the Gala Sky.

Recently, through an upload on his Instagram Story, Farhat Abbas allegedly satirized the physical appearance and appearance of Fuji and Tariq Halilintar.

Order for the content family! Tell your child, Auntie Bucin, if you are looking for a boyfriend, look for someone more handsome than Grandpa, please, let me improve my lineage and body size and character.,” wrote Farhat Abbas.

Seeing Farhat allegedly insinuating Fuji and Tariq with body shaming comments, netizens were inflamed. Not a few have warned Nia Daniati’s ex-husband about the article on body shaming and the ITE Law.

Does the lawyer know about body shaming?? wrote netizens.Wow, this is already body shaming.. can be subject to UU ITE,” continued another.


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