Mouth and Nail Diseases in Kulon Progo Can Spread Quickly – 1NEWS JOGJA

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1NEWS Jogja – Head of the Kulon Progo Agriculture and Food Service Aris Nugraha said that mouth and nail disease (PMK) could spread quickly.

Aris said the transmission of this disease is very fast because it can be through the air. He also appealed to the public to be aware of it.

“Still have to be vigilant,” he said, Sunday (15/5).

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Aris explained that this oral and nail disease transmission occurs between animals and is not transmitted to humans.

He said various efforts to prevent this disease from spreading had been carried out. One of them is a vehicle transporting livestock that is sprayed with disinfectant.

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This spraying is carried out on vehicles transporting livestock that are about to enter the Animal Compassionate Market.

Meanwhile, livestock that are transported are directly inspected by officers.

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“Livestock such as cows, goats and sheep after inspection, did not find any cases of foot and mouth disease,” he said.


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