Vacuum in Acting, Raline Shah Takes Drama Class in New York

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1NEWS, Model and actress, Raline Shah is back to entertain fans.

You could say, Raline Shah had a short break in the world of acting for approximately 2.5 years. This is due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia.

Coming back, Raline Shah is now starring in a webseries entitled Dating Queens.

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When she was a guest on the Tonight Show Premier, the 37-year-old woman revealed the reason why she had fallen from acting.

“Yesterday, I took a hiatus from the Indonesian acting world and took a drama class in New York,” said Raline Shah as quoted from the TonightShowNet youtube channel, Sunday (15/5).

“Comedy, script writing, sketching, improve comedy because my last film was comedy and the next film will also be comedy. The series that was just launched today is also a comedy,” he continued.

Raline Shah Raline’s name in acting is known when she played Riani in the 5 cm film. The film made by Rizal Mantovani is quite explosive and influences nature lovers.

In that role, Raline Shah is the only woman who is in a friendship of 5 friends, who wants to conquer the peak of Mount Semeru.

After that, Raline Shah starred in the film The Unmissable Heaven.

In the film, she plays Mei Rose, a woman who runs away from her marriage and gets into an accident.

When he gets into an accident, he is assisted by a man named Pras, played by Fedi Nuril.

At that time, Mei who was being treated wanted to end her life by jumping from the hospital building, but her action was thwarted by Pras.

Not wanting to repeat it, Pras chose to marry Mei and made her his 2nd wife.

Raline Shah last acted in Indonesia in 2019 in the film “Orang Kaya Baru” which she starred with Lukman Sardi, Cut Mini, and Derby Romero.

The latest, in the webseries Dating Quenn, tells the story of four female friends including Dina (Raline Shah), Jane (Nadine Alexandra Dewi), Ratih (Dea Panendra), and Susan (Maria Theodoree) who try to try out the world of love through online dating applications.[]


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