Wow! 2 Days Show in Malaysia, Community Service Program in Dancing Village Earns 8.8 Billion Revenues

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1NEWS – The KKN film Di Desa Penari was not only a huge success in Indonesia. In neighboring countries, Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore, the film produced by MD Pictures also attracted many viewers.

Launching the Twitter account of a columnist and world Box Office analyst, Sunday (15/5), the first day of broadcast in Malaysia on May 12, KKN collected 388,781 ringgit or around 1.3 billion rupiah.

“The first day of Community Service in the DANGER VILLAGE in Malaysia was very strong, first 388,781 ringgit in 55 locations. Higher than Ada Apa With Cinta 2 30 thousand ringgit (final 6.8 million ringgit), Kuntilanak 3 44 thousand ringgit (912 thousand until yesterday) and Makmum 2 51 thousand ringgit (final 1.72 million),” tweeted the account owner @oliverchenz1.

Overall, KKN in Penari Village was ranked 2nd under Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, which earned an income of 935,108 ringgit or approximately 3.1 billion rupiah. While Kuntilanak 3 is ranked 7.

The second day it was played, judging by the Box Office Talk Twitter account, KKN revenue increased dramatically to 2.65 million ringgit or approximately 8.8 billion rupiah. Up 7.5 billion rupiah. Wow!

“This film has reached 2.65 million citations for 2 days of broadcast in Pawagam (cinema),” reads an announcement posted by Talk Box Office on Saturday (14/4).

The Indonesian film with the highest income in Malaysia so far is held by Pengabdi Setan with 7.2 million ringgit or around 23.9 billion rupiah. Followed by the film Makmum which collected 7.15 million ringgit or 23.8 billion rupiah.

It is not impossible that the income of KKN exceeds the Servants of Satan and the Makmum. Moreover, the Malaysian public’s interest in watching the film, starring Tissa Biani and Aulia Sarah, is said to be still very large.


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