6 Quick Touch Up Makeup Tricks After Wudu. Look Fresh and Beautiful It Doesn’t Take Time!

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make up after wudu

Looking beautiful and fresh is always the dream of many women. You also want to always look neat, beautiful and attractive, right? You don’t have to make thick makeup or use expensive branded clothes to actually look beautiful. By keeping your appearance fresh and tidy in any condition, you can look good without looking too much effort.

Well, especially on these hot days, looking cool and fresh all day is a challenge in itself. For those of you who want to be seen fresh even if you are on the move all day, Hipwee Tips will share the right tips touch up makeup after ablution, in less than 10 minutes. Want to know how? Read the reviews carefully, yes!

1. Instead of overwriting make-up long, better clean your face thoroughly. Relax, this can still be done even though time is limited

You can use micellar water or special make-up wipes

accumulate make-up old with a layer of powder or cushion the new one is definitely not a good idea. Apart from being seen cakey and unnatural, facial skin is also prone to breakouts and breakouts. Hey, for those of you who often complain that your face is prone to breakouts and blackheads, maybe you don’t like it touch up on the dusty skinny face? Well, to avoid this you can clean your face with a rock micellar water which you can now get anywhere, even the nearest minimarket.

If there’s no micellar water and cotton, you can bring special facial cleansing wipes that can remove makeup effectively. Don’t use baby wipes, because the content is not intended to wipe make-up.

2. Apply a thin layer of similar products bb cream all-encompassing, from primary until concealer

make up after wudu

BB Cream to even out facial skin tone

The next step, you can apply bb cushion practical for activities on the go or bb cream whose contents are complete and include everything, from primary until concealers. For those with oily skin, choose the type that is matte or have the ability mattifying so that the face does not shine, while for those whose faces tend to be dry or combination, it is safer to use bb cream which offers features hydrating to keep the face looking moisturised.

If your skin is super oily, don’t forget to apply powder in areas that are prone to becoming oil refineries such as the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. If it’s dry, you can just skip this part of the powder~

3. Eyebrows are koentji, so don’t ever skip this step! Neat and filled eyebrows make the overall appearance more fresh and ‘tidy’ even though your makeup is minimal

Eyebrows are one of the important elements on the face that you must pay attention to. To be able to apply eyebrows quickly and precisely, there is no other way but to practice diligently and don’t be afraid to try it yourself at home. The more routine, your hands will be more adept at using an eyebrow pencil. The trick, when filling in the eyebrows, start from the outermost tip and then draw a line to frame the eyebrows, then shade the contents slowly with light hand movements. Brush the front gently to form a natural gradation.

Good eyebrows are eyebrows that fit the shape of the face. In essence, eyebrows are made to emphasize the shape of your eyebrows, in a neater shape and with a naturally pointed tip. It’s not just as long as it’s drawn as thickly as possible from end to end fake.

3. Use blush, for an instant brightening effect. Don’t miss this part too because it’s important for making the face so fresh momentarily

make up after wudu

Don’t let the blush under your cheeks, Jeung~

Dab a little blush or blush on on the protruding cheekbones, just a little. You don’t need to draw it as if your cheeks have been stung by a bee, hehe. Just brush it to make the cheeks blush-everything is spoiled~

To make it more up to date, you can add blush a little more above the cheeks, a little below the eyelids. pull it close to the bridge of the nose. Do not brush under the hollows of the cheeks because it can make the face look droopy.

4. If your eyelashes are long and thick enough, that’s okay skip use mascara and go straight to use eyeliner

make up after wudu

You can use a brush, pencil or marker according to your taste

Affix eyeliner It’s hard, especially for beginners. Not to mention if you get the wrong line, it’s really bad, isn’t it, because you have to delete and redraw it? Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to draw eyeliner full all the way to the eye! Just put it on the outer corner of the eye, draw a little line up and remember not to go too long until it goes past the line of the eyebrow!

5. Apply lipstick or lip tint. It’s done! The face immediately returned bright and fresh, as if he had just taken a shower. Don’t use difficult and time-consuming techniques

make up after wudu

The red and pink colors are the easiest to touch up

When in a hurry, apply lip cream nude or brightly colored blaring will be very inconvenient. Just use it lip tint or natural red lipstick or pink according to skin type which is easier to apply and spread quickly. It doesn’t take skill and time, even without looking in the mirror you can~

6. Lastly, this is optional. But for an extra look glowing you can put a little highlighter above the bridge of the nose and above the lips

make up after wudu

The lock looks shining instantly

Just put a little highlighter on the upper lip (cupid’s bow) and on the trunk and top of the nose for a fresh, glowing face. This step can make the face look different instantly. Yes, like the celebgrams, hehe…

It’s done, all the lightning make-up series! It doesn’t take long to come back looking fresh and charming, right? Come on, don’t be lazy anymore touch up after ablution. Let you still look charming even though the weather is hot all day. Good luck with that~