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Currently there are as many as 3 players, who are undergoing trials with Bali United (BU), namely Made Tito Wiratama, Jovanni Reynaldi, and Muhamad Reza Kusuma.

All three are young players.

Tito is a Bali United U-18 player, Jovanni is also a Bali United U-18 player, who joined the International Youth Championship at the Jakarta International Stadium some time ago.

Bali United’s ability to look at, for the future can be projected into the senior team.

Meanwhile, Reza Kusuma is a 22-year-old player from Liga 2 club Mitra Kukar.

He had studied at the CIA Palencia Spain, in the Vamos Indonesia program, and had played in the Croatian League 2 at the HNK Primorac club.

Along with other senior players, including new recruits, the three trial players have joined training since the first training session on Tuesday 10 May 2022.

The progress of the three is continuously monitored by the Bali United coach, Stefano Cugurra, from each training session, of which until now there have been five meetings they have practiced.

“At the beginning of this season they were still doing physical training, if Tito was injured, he was having his own program, Tito we saw him, yesterday the league joined us in training, other trial players must be seen more from yesterday’s training, we will see day by day, ” said Coach Teco, to the Bali Tribune, May 15, 2022.

He continued, yesterday’s exercise was physically running aerobics, after physical there was a ball but it was still a little bit for a while.

“We have to see longer,” he added.

However, if their quality improves, said Teco, it is not impossible that they will be made permanent in the Bali United senior team.

As is the case, Komang Aryaantara, who plays as a goalkeeper, was withdrawn from BU U-18.

“We see the quality in the players to be able to progress in the senior team, we can keep it,” said the Brazilian coach.

Teco added, of course these three trial players still need adaptation with their seniors, and the senior players are ready to support these young players to develop more.

“To move up to the professional team now it takes time for the adaptation of more senior players, everyone will definitely help them become better,” he concluded. (Balinese Tribune)


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