Facing the First Trial of the Land Mafia, Nirina Zubir Asks for Prayer and Support

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Facing the First Trial of the Land Mafia, Nirina Zubir Asks for Prayer and Support - Photo 1

1NEWS, Nirina Zubir will face his first trial regarding the land mafia that happened to his family. The trial will take place at the West Jakarta District Court on Tuesday (17/5) tomorrow.

Before starting the trial, the Heart film player asked for his prayers and support through his personal Instagram account. He uploaded a portrait of his extended family while on a pilgrimage to his parents’ funeral.

Nirina Zubir and his extended family during a pilgrimage to the grave of his parents. (instagram/nirinazubir_)

“Bismillahir rahmanir Rahim. Our sons and daughters are also the grandchildren of. Mr. Zubir Amin and Mrs. Tjut Indria Martini ask for prayers and support from friends because we will start our first #casemafiatanah trial tomorrow,” Nirina wrote in her upload, Monday (16/5).

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“And the defendants received the maximum sentence so that it gave a deterrent effect to the #mafiatanah and also to those who understand the law but abuse it (the notaries),” he said.

Nirina Zubir also asked his followers to continue to guard and support this land mafia case so that there are no more victims.

“Let’s… Na’s friends who are all over Indonesia as witnesses and together we #kawalterus #mafiatanah cases #don’t pass,” he concluded.

As is known, Nirina Zubir is facing a land mafia problem which is allegedly carried out by a former household assistant (ART) of his late mother. The household member was named Riri Khasmita and conspired with her husband, Ferdianto.

Apart from Riri and Ferdianto, the police also named a suspect to a notary who assisted the husband and wife in carrying out their actions.

They are alleged to have embezzled and falsified six land titles belonging to Nirina Zubir’s family.

The police then confiscated a number of assets belonging to the suspect.

“Thank God, today I received information about the confiscation of assets and also the confiscation of the suspects,” said Nirina Zubir at Polda Metro Jaya, Semanggi, South Jakarta, Monday (20/12).

“Yes (allegedly there was a flow of funds) that’s why with this development we are more confident and indeed agree, what we suspect is that there is a flow of funds,” he explained.

In addition, assets in the form of accounts are also frozen. This is related to the alleged crime of money laundering (TPPU).

Due to this incident, Nirina Zubir’s family suffered losses of up to Rp. 17 billion.


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