Lulinha Officially Wears Madura United Number 11 Jersey | 1NEWS

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The Brazilian foreign legion, Luiz Marcelo Morais dos Reis, chose number 11 as the jersey number for the squad nicknamed Laskar Sape Kerrab, in order to welcome the tight schedule of the highest caste competition in Indonesian football, Liga 1 for the upcoming 2022/2023 season.

The player who is familiarly called Lulinha, has always been synonymous with the number 10 on the back. It’s just that in the pride of the United Madura supporters squad, the hockey number still belongs to Slamet Nurcahyo, who has been one of the club’s icons.

“There is a mutual agreement between the club and Lulinha to wear the number 11 jersey,” said Chief Operating Office (COO) of Madura United FC, Annisa Zhafarina, quoted from one of the club’s official social media networks, Monday (16/5/2022).

As is known, Lulinha is one of the non-Asian foreign players, who was plotted as part of the Madura United extended family. It is certain that he will collaborate with his fellow Brazilian compatriot, Hugo Gomes da Silva, who has defended the team from Salt Island, since last season.

Currently, Madura United still leaves one slot for non-Asian foreign players, with the presence of Hugo Gomes and Lulinha. Meanwhile, for one slot for Asian foreign players, it is occupied by a player from South Korea, Lee Rae Jun, who will play for the first time in the Indonesian League competition.

Meanwhile, at this time, Fabio Lefundes’ team has started to gather and carry out a training center program or Training Center (TC) at the Gelora Madura Rato Pamelingan Stadium, Pamekasan. Including some new players have also joined and underwent training together. [pin/beq/]


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