MLD Entertainment Announces MOMOLAND’s ‘sister’, 2 members’ names are revealed! | Kpop Chart

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The agency that houses MOMOLAND, T1419, and JT&MARCUS, MLD Entertainment will soon be debuting girl group latest in the near future.

On May 16, 2022, MLD Entertainment has released the logo and name of girl group latest, Lapillus. Lapillus is also a girl group first from MLD after debuting MOMOLAND 6 years ago.

LAPILLUS Logo (Photo: MLD Entertainment)

It is known that Lapillus is taken from another word which means gem, ready to debut in June 2022. For the time being, Chanty and Shana are members who have been revealed from girl group this.

Chanty (Chantal Videla) is trainee Filipino-Argentina, who was previously active as an actress and model, was born December 15, 2002. Meanwhile, Shana (Nonaka Shana), who is 19 years old, is one of the participants of the Girls Planet 999 with the final position at J04.

Nonaka Shana, Chantal Videla (Photo: Mnet, Chantal Twitter)

Are you also looking forward to the debut of Lapillus? (1NEWS)