Often thought to be ignorant, Sandra Dewi reveals the true nature of Harvey Moeis which actually makes netizens envious

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Sandra Dewi's response to her husband who seems indifferent

The name Sandra Dewi is being discussed on social media Twitter for answering questions from netizens in her personal Instagram QnA session on Sunday (15/5). Apparently many netizens admired his wise nature in responding to questions about household and love.

Attention was increasingly focused on him when Sandra Dewi revealed the true nature of her husband, Harvey Moeis. So far, many netizens think that the man who is familiarly called HM is very indifferent. However, through Sandra Dewi’s answer, netizens turned jealous and even craved a household relationship like the two of them.

Starting from the question whether Sandra Dewi feels unloved because her husband is indifferent

Sandra Dewi’s response to her husband who seems indifferent | Credit: Instagram @sandradewi88

The figure of Harvey Moeis seems to be attached to a cold impression and tends to be indifferent. His calm demeanor also often invites netizens to ask questions about how he treats Sandra Dewi. On the other hand, Sandra Dewi understands that her husband’s indifferent attitude is not due to a lack of affection, but a different way of expressing it.

“Actually, Mr. HM is not indifferent, but he can’t be sweet-spoken, aka a poet. I really feel loved. Because he often buys me the food I like. Always peel me oranges, peel crabs, fish and everything,” wrote Sandra Dewi.

Wow, it seems that this Harvey Moeis love language is act of service yes SoHip. It can be seen from the way he expresses his love through concrete actions to Sandra Dewi. HM is curmudgeonly, but he always treats his wife in a special way without saying much.

Harvey Moeis is a husband who does not demand much. This is what netizens are most envious of~

Harvey Moeis doesn't demand much

Harvey Moeis doesn’t demand much | Credit: Instagram @sandradewi88

Sandra Dewi continued that HM also does not require her to do certain things as a wife and mother. HM does not mind if Sandra Dewi is not good at cooking.

“And one thing, my husband has never demanded anything from me. Cook, clean up, take care of this child. My life is very free. I once asked, are you okay, I can’t cook? He said ah no, it’s okay, you can buy it instead of me cooking a house on fire,” concluded Sandra.

Sandra Dewi’s confession made this couple even more admired by netizens. On the other hand, netizens are aware that in order to get a life partner with qualities like HM, they also have to adapt themselves to have a positive personality like Sandra Dewi.