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Beritabali/ist/Cigarette Warehouse Burglary, Rp200 Million Lost.

A cigarette warehouse in Kerato Village, Unter Iwes District, Sumbawa was burglarized. As a result, the money from the sale of Rp 200 million disappeared.
The Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Sumbawa Police, Iptu Ivan Roland Cristofel STK, who confirmed the report. This report was posted on Monday (16/5) afternoon.

This incident was first noticed by employees who live in the warehouse, on the same day.

“Initially the witness saw the side yard of the cigarette storage room and the money had been in a mess. The witness immediately contacted his superiors,” said Ivan, as this young officer is familiarly called.

Not long after, the superior from the warehouse came to the location. His boss then contacted the employee who held the key to the room. When checked, it turns out that the contents of the room are messy. In addition, the cash vault from the sale was seen to have been dismantled.

The warehouse employee’s supervisor forbade the employees to enter the room. His superiors then reported this incident to the Sumbawa Police.

After the Sumbawa Police Reskrim personnel came down to investigate the crime scene, it was discovered that the money from the sale of cigarettes amounting to Rp.

Currently, Ivan continued, the development related to the case is still being carried out. Several witnesses in this case have been questioned. In order to find clues to uncover this case.

Writer : Ni Luh Sulastri

Editors : I Komang Robby Patria