Medina Zein Considered Shelter Behind Mental Disorder, Bipolar Community Speaks Up

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Not long ago, Medina Zein was widely discussed after being dragged into a case of alleged fraud. He is suspected of committing fraud in a car sale and purchase transaction involving Uya Kuya and Denise Chariesta. In addition, he is also suspected of selling Raffi Ahmad’s name for personal gain.

However, Lukman Azhari’s wife suddenly disappeared in the middle of a case that dragged her name. Her family and lawyers said that Medina was being treated in a mental hospital due to a high degree of acute bipolar disorder. Netizens also suspect that the celebgram is only hiding behind bipolar disorder because of the many legal cases that have ensnared him.

Medina Zein’s attorney said his client had high-grade acute bipolar disorder

Medina Zein reportedly has high-grade acute bipolar | Credit: @medinazein via Instagram

In the midst of the case that dragged the name of Medina Zein, Razman Arif Nasution as his attorney reported that his client was being treated at the hospital. He said that his client was suffering from high-grade acute bipolar disorder.

“He’s going to have his nerves checked, his bipolar and Medina Zein’s bipolar is a certain stage of acute bipolar. But not crazy huh, remember that. But high-grade acute bipolar said Razman Arif Nasution as quoted by Tempo, Saturday (14/5).

In line with the attorney’s statement, Sunarya as the family also stated that her grandson was undergoing treatment in a mental hospital. He confirmed that Medina Zein had an acute mental disorder.

“Now it’s acute, being treated at a Mental Hospital in Bandung, can no longer provide any explanation in front of the media,” said Sunarya.

Responding to the news, Medina Zein actually received blasphemy from netizens because it was considered deliberately hiding behind mental illness for the case that ensnared him. They were even more upset because the family asked the victims not to know about Medina Zein’s bad behavior.

“Sorry to his business friends and all his friends. Sorry, it was not our wish, it happened so long that it became acute and already endangered his life, “ said Tien Wartini as Medina Zein’s mother.

Medina Zein’s lawyer’s statement about high-grade acute bipolar garnered reactions from the Indonesian bipolar community

Indonesia’s bipolar community questions high-level acute bipolar statements | Credit: @medinazein via Instagram

Medina Zein’s statement saying that his client had a high level of acute bipolar disorder made Bipolar Care Indonesia, a community that accommodates people with bipolar disorder, also react. They regretted the statement of Medina Zein’s attorney regarding high-level bipolar.

“We’ve never heard of high-grade acute bipolar disorder. It would be better if the news was balanced with a professional opinion. Is this type of bipolar in the diagnosis guide or is it just a narrative.” write @bipolarcare.indonesia via Instagram.

They deplore the use of non-basic terms that have the potential to cause confusion for the public.

“Fyi, people diagnosed with bipolar disorder need time to accept that they have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Please don’t have any narration to confuse them even more.” they continued.

The reaction from Bipolar Care Indonesia has also become a topic of discussion among netizens on social media. In fact, a number of gossip accounts also re-uploaded the community statement. The statement from the community was also re-uploaded by Denise Chariesta who is suspected of being one of the victims of the Medina Zein scam.

Medina Zein is a celebgram full of controversy. He has been involved in cases with a number of celebrities. In 2019, Medina had an argument with actor Irwansyah over allegations of embezzlement of funds. In the same year, he was arrested by the police because he was caught in a narcotics case. Two years later, Medina was named a suspect for Marissya Icha’s report regarding defamation. Now, he is suspected of committing fraud involving Uya Kuya and Denise Chariesta.


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