Medina Zein Treated In Mental Hospital, Family Reveals Cause

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Medina Zein treated

Content creator and businessman Medina Zein have recently been in the spotlight regarding the alleged fraud case. In the midst of the widespread news circulating, he suddenly disappeared and his family revealed the surprising fact that Medina Zein was being treated at the Mental Hospital of the West Java Provincial Government.

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Medina Zein Treated In Mental Hospital

Reported from coverage6, this was stated directly by Medina Zein’s grandfather, Pujho Nistianto.

“I am Medina Zein’s grandfather, so Medina Susani or Medina Zein is currently being treated at the Mental Hospital of the West Java Provincial Government,” said Pujho.

Medina’s attorney, Ade Anggareni, also revealed that his client had actually been in a mental hospital since the beginning of May 2022. He also revealed that Medina Zein was being treated at the hospital until he recovered.

“The point is that Medina is now being treated at the West Java Provincial Hospital. It has been there since May 6 until he recovers,” said Ade.

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The Cause of Medina Hospitalized in RSJ

Medina Zein treated

There is also the reason for Medina Zein to be treated because he suffers from bipolar disorder, which is a disorder associated with mood swings ranging from depressive or depressed lows to manic highs. Reported from Voice, Medina’s mother, Tien Wartini, revealed that her daughter’s condition could not be helped.

“Now it’s acute, being treated at a Mental Hospital in Bandung, the family can’t do anything anymore,” he said. Furthermore, he also said that Medina had done things that endangered himself and those around him. He had wanted to jump from the building.

“His friend tells the story ‘it’s good to jump from here’,” he continued. Medina also often invites his friends to jump from buildings and will be rewarded with money.

“He said ‘I will give you 100 million but you jump first’, he came to that. Please pray for me,” said Tien.

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Doctor Forbids Family From Visiting Him

Medina Zein treated

Tien also revealed that the doctor who treated Medina forbade him and his family to visit Medina. In fact, he had visited on the first day of treatment. However, after visiting Tien, Medina did not sleep all night.

“Medina’s lawyer (Razman Arif Nasution) said his condition was acute and dangerous. The doctor said, I can’t visit anymore,” said Tien as quoted from Maybe Medina didn’t sleep all night because he was still upset with his mother putting him in a mental hospital.

“He said, ‘Mom is mean to me. Why was I taken to the RSJ?’” explained Tien.

This is the latest news regarding Medina Zein who is currently being treated. Previously, news emerged that many people claimed to be victims of the Medina scam with hundreds of millions of rupiah in losses.

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