Miyabi’s arrival to Jakarta is considered a trap for Anies Baswedan

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1NEWS – Mujahid 212 Damai Hari Lubis strongly criticized the arrival of Maria Ozawa alias Miyabi to Jakarta, who was planning to hold a gala dinner.

Based on information circulating, the gala dinner will take place at one of the five-star hotels in Jakarta on June 5, 2022.

Haris Lubis asked Governor Anies Baswedan to act decisively and not give Miyabi permission to hold the event in Jakarta

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He also considered Miyabi’s arrival as a way to bring down Anies Baswedan’s name at the end of his tenure as DKI Jakarta Governor.

“Because, it could be an entertainment event that will present Miyabi, it can be a trap for Anies,” Damai Haris Lubis told reporters, quoted from Antara, Tuesday (17/5/2022).

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Miyabi’s presence in Jakarta could make a bad name for the figure who is predicted to be the 2024 presidential candidate.

“There will be a lot of rejection from residents of Jakarta and its surroundings. This is also prone to provocations that will disrupt the security of DKI Jakarta,” he said.

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In addition, Miyabi’s presence can be used by irresponsible people to enliven the issue of intolerance.

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