Netizens Call BLACKPINK the Girl Group with the Best Costumes in Knowing Brothers | Kpop Chart

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Korean netizens recently discussed the members’ costumes girl group when present in the program Knowing Brothers.

Knowing Brothers is a program variety shows on JTBC, which requires its guests to wear school uniforms.

Of the many girl group who had been invited to the program, Korean netizens mentioned that BLACKPINK used the best costumes.

BLACKPINK at Knowing Brothers (Photo: Instiz)

This was revealed by South Korean netizens through their comments on a post on the Instiz site:

“This is my opinion, but they all wore great costumes when they starred in Knowing Brothers. Each costume fits them perfectly.”

“Those who create the trend,”

“Yes, their costumes look more luxurious,”

“I think their costumes are really pretty,”

“I totally agree, BLACKPINK’s costumes are the best,”

“According to me stylist BLACKPINK is very good at giving costumes to their artists,” and there were many other complimenting comments.

Do you agree with Korean netizens about the costumes of BLACKPINK members on the program? Knowing Brothers this? (1NEWS)