Sisca Kohl Goes Public Dating Jess No Limit, Warganet: It’s ‘No Limit Balance’

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The names of TikTok celebrities Sisca Kohl and YouTuber Jess No Limit are being discussed by netizens until they become trending topic Twitter social media. Apparently, they just uploaded a moment of intimacy together last Monday (16/5). Warganet also concluded that the two were dating because of their compact upload on Instagram.

Responding to the togetherness of Sisca Kohl and Jess No Limit, netizens were busy talking about their wealth until they were called ‘money no limit’ or ‘no limit balance’. It is known, Sisca Kohl is one of the TikTok celebrities who are famous for their luxurious content. While Jess No Limit is a YouTuber gaming with the number one subscriber in Indonesia.

Sisca Kohl and Jess No Limit upload vlogs and romantic photos

Sisca and Jess No Limit together photo uploaded on Instagram | Credit: @siscakohl via Instagram

Sisca Kohl is reportedly in a relationship with gamer Jess No Limit after they uploaded a video on her personal YouTube channel. The owner of the real name Tobias Justin shared a video blog (vlog) on ​​a date with Sisca Kohl in Ancol with the title “Bucin Sama Sisca Kohl”.

Warganet then concluded that the two had a special relationship through Jess No Limit’s ‘ayang’ nickname for Sisca.

“Hello Ayang.. Is Ayang ready to go to Ancol?” said Jess No Limit to Sisca Kohl, quoted from YouTube’s Jess No Limit, Monday (16/5).

In the vlog, Jess No Limit is seen carrying Sisca Kohl’s belongings into the car and they have breakfast together. When they arrived at Ancol, the two of them looked good in hats couple pink.

Not to forget, Sisca and Jess No Limit also uploaded a photo of the two of them with a heart emoticon in their Instagram upload. Seeing their intimacy, netizens were also excited about their courtship style that cared about each other.

Both are rich, netizens call this couple ‘money no limit’

Couple Money No Limit | Credit: YouTube Jess No Limit

The intimate video footage of Sisca and Jessica Jane’s sister then went viral on social media. Many netizens then called this couple “money no limit”. Because, the status of both are known to be equally successful at a young age. Warganet also made funny comments about this new couple.

“Money no limit. Rafathar’s rival if he gets married, “ wrote one netizen.

“Jess No Limit x Sisca Kohl = Mobile Banking Unlimited Money Mod Apk,” wrote another netizen.

Sisca Kohl is known as a TikTok celebrity who likes to spend up to tens of millions of rupiah to buy an item. He is known to come from a conglomerate family, the nephew of the CEO of Tencent Holding, Ma Huateng. Not only relying on her family’s wealth, Sisca’s source of wealth is also obtained from endorsement tiktok and adsense his YouTube.

While Jess No Limit is ex pro player Mobile Legends and YouTubers gaming number one in Indonesia. Opening a YouTube account since 2017, Jess No Limit now has 24.5 million subscribers. Launching from NoxInfluencer, Jess No Limit is likely to earn IDR 326.48 million to IDR 1.14 billion per month.


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