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Unfortunately for RD, a 22 year old woman who has to sit alone on the aisle. This is because the prospective husband with the initials G was not present at the consent and reception. This incident occurred in the village of Klagen Gambiran, Maospati District, Magetan Regency, East Java.
The reception which was held on Sunday (8/5/2022) was attended by around a thousand invited guests. RD’s family was embarrassed by the behavior of the groom. Here’s the full news.

The groom-to-be admits he objected to the marriage dowry

The bride’s family revealed the reason behind the escape of the groom, namely because they objected to a wedding dowry of Rp. 2 million and a set of jewelry. In fact, the amount of the dowry was already mentioned by the groom himself during the pre-wedding ceremony at the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA).

The bride alone on the aisle [sumber gambar]

Finally, the bride relented and agreed to a dowry of IDR 200,000 without any jewelry. The bride’s uncle, Ardi, explained that his party had given up because the wedding was only three days away.

Groom’s escape chronology

Even though there was an agreement, the groom was not present at the wedding ceremony and reception. The bride had waited until 19.00 WIB, but the man never came. Not accepting humiliation, the bride’s family forced the groom’s family to be on the aisle.

The bride is left by the groom [sumber gambar]

It is revealed that the groom said goodbye to his parents by pretending to make money for electone fees. However, it turned out that he pawned his motorbike for Rp. 1.5 million and stayed overnight at the Maospati Hotel. The next day, he was desperate to escape to Samarinda in a friend’s truck.

Troubled before marriage

The groom from Magetan runs away [sumber gambar]

The owner of a Facebook account called Berkah Maospati revealed the figure of the prospective groom. Apparently, the man named Gandy works as an agent for young coconuts. The account also wrote that the woman’s family asked that all the costs of the reception be borne by the groom. However, Ardi denied the allegations. He said there was a letter of agreement stating that the cost of the reception was borne by both parties.

Bride withdraws marriage file

Gandy is desperate to run away at the wedding [sumber gambar]

RD immediately withdrew his marriage file at KUA with his mother, so that RD’s status was confirmed to be single. The woman’s family is still in shock by the incident. Many did not think that the groom ran away on the wedding day, because RD and Gandy met without any matchmaking or coercion. In fact, the two had been dating for six months.

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The two families also mediated at the Maospati Police Station. The groom agrees to bear half of the costs that have been incurred by the bride’s family of IDR 45 million. The bride’s family gives a deadline of at least one month.