Waiting for Shin Tae-yong’s espionage results in the Thailand vs Laos match

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“Spying on potential opponents is also carried out by coaches of the caliber of Carlo Ancelotti.”

1NEWS – Espionage alias spying on the opponent’s match in football is common. World-level coaches like Carlo Ancelotti, Pep Guardiolaor Jurgen Klopp do it. Likewise with ASEAN architects like Park Hang-seo, Mano Polkingor Shin Tae-yong. What needs to be awaited is the result in the actual match.

There is a unique view when Thailand face the last match of Group B against Laos, Monday (16/5/2022) night. In one corner of the stands, there is Shin Tae-yong, and a number of his assistants.

The South Korean coach looked serious observing the game. Even though Thailand featured substitute players and was only able to win 1-0 through a “relaxed match”, Shin Tae-yong still tried to collect a lot of records from potential opponents in the semifinals. SEA Games 2021.

I don’t know what Shin Tae-yong judges, the facts show that Polking featured almost all the substitutes against Laos. Just say it Methee Sarakham, Teerasak Phaiphimai, Narakon Numchansakulmor Chakkrit Palapol. The Brazilian coach saves Weerathep Pomphan and Worachit Kanitsribampen.

Knowing that Shin Tae-yong was in the stadium, Polking didn’t mind it. The former Bangkok United coach admitted that he was mediocre.

“Spying is normal, sometimes all coaches are needed. However, Indonesia’s observation may not be effective because we field a different line-up in every game,” Polking said in a press conference session after the match, reported by Dan Tri.

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In football, observing the game of potential opponents is common and common all over the world. Usually, after getting data from the observed match, the coach will hold a meeting with his assistant to determine the right tactics or strategy.

And, so that the coach whose game is being observed by potential opponents, will usually carry out a contrast strategy. The coach can shuffle the starting line-up or field substitute players.

“We have the best analysis team in Southeast Asia. We also have everything about our competitors,” added Polking.

Randomizing players’ material and different strategies on the field is not just Polking’s monopoly. Shin Tae-yong did it too. Just watch for AFF Cup 2020. Likewise at the 2021 SEA Games when they face Vietnam, Timor Leste, the Philippines, and Myanmar.

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