8 Portraits of Husbands Having Wives Are Heavy Hello Kitty Fans, Their Fate Makes You Squeeze Your Chest, Laughing Out! | 1NEWS

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Dream – It seems almost everyone knows the Hello Kitty cartoon, right? This cartoon character from Japan is indeed loved by many people, from small children to even adults. This cat-shaped character has a characteristic with a pink ribbon on his head.

Because it is synonymous with pink, it’s no wonder that Hello Kitty is so attractive to many women. Even so idolized, not a few people are willing to collect as many Hello Kitty items as possible. Likewise, Hello Kitty fan from Malaysia, Yus Amina Zawiyah.

In fact, because of her fandom, she even dressed up her husband and children with various hello kitty costumes. Curious what it looks like? Check out the photo below!