Celebrating 25 Years of Work, Rossa Wants to Make a Documentary Film

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1NEWS – Singer Rossa plans to make a documentary about herself to celebrate 25 years of working in the music industry. He said he wanted to reminisce about his musical career which had entered the age of a quarter of a century.

According to the singer of ‘I’m Not For You’, there are many happy and sad experiences that will not be forgotten.

“Later I want to make it like a documentary where I can tell a lot about what I’ve been through in these 25 years,” Rossa said when met in the Slipi area, West Jakarta, Tuesday (17/5/2022).

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Rossa said that all her experiences were not beautiful, but she will continue to remember it as a lesson to keep working.

“It’s not all beautiful, but what I can say, even the bad ones, can now be beautiful,” he continued.

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In fact, the diva is known to have expressed her idea to actress Prilly Latuconsina, who recently also produced the film Kukira Kau Home.

“Bismillah, I’m also chatting with Prilly because my best friend, right, is a great champion when it comes to films. So, I want to collaborate with my cinema to make something and I think, God willing, I hope you can. Ask for your prayers so that it can be realized,” said Ross.

For now, Rossa is only focusing on her concert first, entitled ‘Rossa 25 Shining Years Concert’ which will be held on 27 May at Istora Senayan Jakarta.

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