Cemara Family 2 releases trailer

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Spruce Family 2

Carrying the theme of growth with the slogan the most beautiful palace is family, Visinema Pictures held a Press Conference at Plaza Senayan on Wednesday (18/05), in order to release the trailer for their latest film entitled Keluarga Cemara 2. The event was attended by the producers and directors of the film, namely Anggia Kharisma and Ismail Basbeth. In addition, there were also the main characters of Keluarga Cemara 2 which consisted of Ringgo Agus Rahman (Abah), Nirina Zubir (Mother), Adhisty Zara (Euis), Widuri Puteri (Ara), and Niloufer Bahalwan (Agil).

Close Conflict with Indonesian Families

Comment trailers which has just been released, Nirina Zubir calls the problem or The conflict raised by the Cemara 2 Family will be close and close to the Indonesian family. “I see family problems, especially the mother in the Cemara 2 family, like seeing the anxiety of Indonesian mothers in general. Added another child, still a baby, while the previous two children who were also girls began to grow up. The eldest child (Euis) begins to search for identity. Then the other child (Ara) still needs attention. So rich overwhelmed very.” Nirina said.

Different people, different problems. Ringgo Agus who plays Abah also commented trailers the film Keluarga Cemara 2. He mentioned that in his later film, Abah will get important lessons in family. “In Keluarga Cemara 2, Abah will learn a lot about balancing time and attendance, from his new job to how to share time with his family. Because I believe, Abah always wants the best for his family. I will always try.” Clear Ringo

Spruce Family 2

Collaborating with Marion Jola and Teza Sumendra

On the title press conference it is also shown teaser fall in love video clip which is official soundtrack from the film Keluarga Cemara 2, the result of Visinema’s collaboration with Universal Music Indonesia and Dominion Records. The song Falls in Love, sung by two talented young singers, namely Marion Jola and Teza Sumendra. At the moment, teaser The video clip for Falling in Love can now be watched by friends through Universal Music Indonesia’s social media, Visinema, Marion Jola, and Teza Sumendra while for the video clip, it will be released in early June 2022. The song Falling in Love itself, is the result of remake from the song Fall of Love by Harry de Fretes which was popular in 1996.

“As the title suggests, Falling in Love. This song, the result of our collaboration with Teza Sumendra and Marion Jola, is about a sweet love story whose taste can be felt as a whole because love comes in many forms. And of course this song is very catchy also easy listening.” Said Anggia Kharisma, producer of the film Keluarga Cemara 2.

Spruce Family 2

Spruce Family 2

Say hello to Indonesian families at the cinema on June 23, 2022.


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