Grocery Shopping Tips for Diabetics

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Tips Belanja Bahan Makanan untuk Penderita Diabetes

As diabetics, Diabestfriends need to be smarter in shopping at the market or supermarket. When buying groceries, Diabestfriends need to consider “How does this food impact my blood sugar level?”. Therefore, Diabestfriends need to know tips on grocery shopping for diabetics.

Controlling diabetes through food begins with considering the food ingredients to be purchased. Diabestfriends do not need to follow a special diet, the important thing is to eat according to the doctor’s advice. Let’s just look for food shopping tips for diabetics!

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Grocery Shopping Tips for Diabetics

To make it easier for Diabestfriends to control food and save money, follow these grocery shopping tips for diabetics:

Imagine the Filling of the Plate

There is no definite list of foods that people with Diabestfriends can and cannot eat. Diabestfriends can eat anything. Diabestfriends’ favorite foods can be incorporated into the daily meal plan. The most important thing regarding food is finding a nutritional balance according to the conditions and needs of Diabestfriends.

One way to do this is to do the Diabetes Plate Method. Imagine a Diabestfriends dinner plate divided into two sides. One side contains non-starchy vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, or tomatoes.

Meanwhile, the other side that is still empty is divided into two more parts. One side is filled with carbohydrates, such as brown rice, fruit, milk, or yogurt. The other side is filled with protein, such as eggs, tofu, and lean meats, such as chicken and fish.

Carbohydrates are digested fastest by the body, followed by protein, then fat. When all three are eaten, Diabestfriends will feel full and not easily hungry between meals.

Make Meal Planning

One key to successful food control in diabetics is to make a meal plan. Make sure Diabestfriends food is simple. For example, make one or two food choices for breakfast.

Lunch is always salad and chicken, and dinner is filled with protein, salad, and vegetables. Cut down on desserts. If you provide dessert, preferably in the form of fruit.

So, Diabestfriends can make meal plans for the next week before shopping at markets and supermarkets.

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Create a Shopping List

After Diabestfriends know what to eat, make a list of the ingredients needed. Check first at home, who knows if there are supplies of food that are still available.

It’s important to focus on food at three big meal times like breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but don’t forget the snacks, okay? Healthy snacks for diabetes include nuts or seeds, vegetables, fruits, or hard-boiled eggs.

Cleverly Fill the Shopping Cart

The best place in the market or supermarket for diabetics is where the fresh ingredients are. Be careful when passing through the processed food section.

Fill the Diabestfriends shopping cart with:

  • Vegetables: buy fresh. Non-starchy vegetables like spinach and broccoli are better than starchy vegetables like corn, potatoes.
  • Fruit: buy fresh fruit. However, avoid fruit that is high in carbohydrates and too sweet.
  • Whole grains: make sure the food ingredients that Diabestfriends buy are whole grains for the first time.
  • Meat (including chicken and fish): buy according to the portion of the meal Diabestfriends.

Read Label

Make sure Diabestfriends always read the labels of foodstuffs that have packaging. Check the serving size and read the total carbs.

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