His name is widely known to the public after the death of Vanessa Angel, this is Haji Faisal’s words – Latest Celeb News

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After the death of Aunt Ardiansyah and Vanessa Angel due to a single accident, Haji Faisal’s name is increasingly known to the public. Fuji’s father is considered a good grandfather to Gala Sky Ardiansyah, the son of the late Aunt Ardiansyah and Vanessa Angel.

When asked about this, Haji Faisal did not want to comment much. He said it all just flowed by itself.

“Let’s just do it,” said Haji Faisal when met at the Depok Metro Police, West Java, Tuesday (17/5).

In his life, Haji Faisal admitted that he never thought he could become famous like now. However, he cannot predict in the future, whether he will become an artist or remain in his current job as an entrepreneur.

“I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, just live it,” he said.

To be sure, Haji Faisal will continue to face everything, whether problems or jobs that come to him, if the work is in the realm of entertainment.

“Just do it, we don’t know what the future will be like,” closed Haji Faisal.