Preparations for League 1, Dewa United Tries Against Foreign Clubs Playing in AFC Cup | 1NEWS

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Dewa United is currently undergoing a training camp in Bali since May 11 to prepare for the inaugural season in Liga 1 2022/23. The Tangsel Warrior team also plans a trial, including against the 2022 AFC Cup participants.

The CEO of Dewa United, Ardian Satya Negara, reported that there was an invitation to a tournament abroad. However, the available time did not allow the team to leave Indonesia.

Instead, Nilmaizar’s team will try out a foreign club from Cambodia, Visakha FC. Incidentally, the potential opponent will travel to Bali to live in the preliminary round of Group G AFC Cup 2022.

“We have several invitations, but from outside. Even if they come here, it’s best to go to Bali,” said Ardian Satya Negara.

“Maybe on June 20 we will play Visakha, because she has the AFC in Bali, then she will play there,” he continued.

“I just don’t know for sure anymore because I’m afraid that the schedule will clash, I’m afraid that June 20 there will be a pre-season from the LIB,” added the CEO of Dewa United.

Dewa United and Visakha FC do have a close relationship. The two clubs signed an agreement in February 2022, related to sport science, friendly matches, and professional club development.

Dewa United’s squad trains in Bali for two to three weeks. In addition to trials against Cambodian clubs, the League 1 promotion team will try out local clubs.

Bali United is reportedly going to be Dewa United’s opponent. The 2021 Liga 1 champion team needs a commensurate opponent to prepare for the 2022 AFC Cup.

“There is a trial plan with a local club there. Maybe three to four times,” explained CEO Dewa United.

Meanwhile, Bali United expressed interest in testing out the power of counter Dewa United. The coach of the Tridatu Soldiers, Stefano Cugurra Teco will first communicate with the Tangsel Warrior team.

Both Dewa United and Bali United, already have an almost complete squad to navigate the 2022/2023 Liga 1 season.

They have also been training the last few weeks, so it takes a high-intensity game to see how the players perform.

Dewa United FC recently introduced five local players for Liga 1 2022/23. They are Dennish Diaz Himawan, Subhan Fajri, Akbar Zakaria, Feby Eka and Mokhamad Syaifuddin.

Dewa United CEO, Ardian Satya Negara said that the arrival of Dennish, Subhan was in accordance with the coach’s needs. Both are also still under the age of 21 so it is a long-term investment.

“Dennish, Subhan and Akbar are really needed in this team. Coach Nilmaizar also assesses their quality is quite good and deserves to be included in the squad next season,” said Ardian.

“The majority of them are still young in age and hopefully the careers of all three can continue to develop in this team,” he continued.

For Mokhamad Syaifuddin, Ardian explained that his team needed experienced defenders. The choice then fell to the former Persebaya Surabaya. (


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