Raffi Ahmad Is Affected by Cheating Issues, the Origin of a Harmonious Family Portrait?

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Raffi Ahmad Again Hit by Cheating Issues.  (Instagram)

Raffi Ahmad is now accused of having an affair with his assistant, Mimi Bayuh.

John Endra

Wednesday, 18 May 2022 | 19:45 WIB

1NEWS – Raffi Ahmad again shared a portrait of family harmony. Raffi gave the title “round cheek family” in a family portrait that was shared on Wednesday (18/5/2022).

Raffi Ahmad together with Nagita Slavina, Rafathar, and Rayyanza smiled together showing their ’round cheeks’. Rayyanza once again stole the most attention because of her adorable chubby cheeks.

However, Raffi Ahmad, who exhibited a family portrait, was accused of imaging. The reason is that Raffi was again hit by the issue of cheating after the last time rumors circulated about his relationship with Nita Gunawan.

After Nita Gunawan, Raffi Ahmad is now accused of having an affair with his assistant, Mimi Bayuh. The allegation first surfaced after a portrait of them holding hands spread on gossip accounts.

Raffi Ahmad Again Hit by Cheating Issues. (Instagram)

The allegation of Raffi Ahmad having an affair with his own assistant was ‘strengthened’ because his mother, who is familiarly called Mama Amy, had shared a portrait of a family meeting with Mimi Bayuh without Nagita Slavina. Therefore, Raffi Ahmad is considered an image related to the portrait of a harmonious family that was shared recently.

“There’s a lot of stock photos for IMAGE, this is an old photo, wow… Let’s make it look like we’re at Andara,” quipped the account @caite***. “Yeah, that’s a photo 4/5 days ago when I kissed my teeth until my cipung sulked,” said the @twenty*** account.

Meanwhile, Raffi Ahmad has not opened his voice regarding this circulating gossip. Nagita Slavina is also known as the ‘ideal wife’ who is reluctant to spit out her husband’s disgrace like when rumors of Raffi Ahmad and Ayu Ting Ting’s affair heated up in the past.

Contributor: Neressa Prahastiwi


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