The action of a girl when she visits her mother’s grave makes her touched, brings flowers and invites her to play | 1NEWS

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Netizens who saw it were touched by Aqilla’s innocent attitude when she visited her mother’s grave. Especially, when Aqilla expressed her affection and invited her mother to play as if she was still alive.

“You must be strong, brother, don’t be sad, pray for mama,” wrote @dvyexqq

“Sorry for crying reflex ,” wrote @ff.mput1

“It’s hard to let mom go alone and when she says it’s like she’s holding back crying, isn’t it ,” commented @sabrina_kaylaniaurelia56

“Aqila, I hope to be a pious child, Mama there must be very proud to have a beautiful, smart child, love it,” commented @diahii17