The Handsome Farhan Rasyid’s Profile on the SCTV Line Cinta soap opera

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Farhan Rashid (Instagram)

1NEWS – soap operas Love Line which began broadcasting on SCTV on Monday 16 May. Plotted to air at noon, at 14.00 WIB, Love Line starring young stars such as Dannia Salsabilla, Nabila Zavira, and the handsome boys, Naufal Samudra and Farhan Rasyid.

This time we chatted with Farhan Rasyid about soap operas Love Line and also a little about personal life of course.

Farhan, the actor who was born on March 25, 2001, is relatively new to the entertainment industry. However, he started his career from the age of 11, in soap operas Secretly like (2013). After that, he took a hiatus, to finish his education at school. His name was only heard again in 2019.

Farhan Rashid (Instagram)

Starting from starring in a number of FTV, one of which is Grandmother’s Will Makes Baper So Hard (2019), then also supports the series web sufficient boom, My Lecturer My Husband (2020). Here he plays Dave, side by side with top stars Reza Rahardian and Prilly Latuconsina. His appearance immediately attracted attention. Many say, he has a facial resemblance to actor Jefri Nichol. Hence, he is increasingly highlighted and more often associated with Jefri Nichol.

Now, in soap operas Love Line, he will enliven the love triangle story between twins Citra (Dannia Salsabila) and Bunga (Nabila Zavira) and Reyhan (Naufal Samudra). Has a pretty handsome face, makes viewers curious, still single what’s not? Farhan admits he still single yes, now. He is focusing on building his career again. What are the criteria for a girl that Farhan likes?

He answered diplomatically. If beautiful according to him it is very relative. “Yeah, if it’s pleasing to the eye, then that’s my type. But of course, I like girls who are clean, friendly. Clean means that if something is a little dirty, it will be cleaned immediately,” he explained via zoom.

Farhan also likes naughty girls. Who likes to remind him of anything. “Then, I also like girls who don’t like me. Ha ha ha.” Confused right?

“Girls who don’t like me are very, very challenging. Instantly excited. How I can make you fall in love with me. I like challenges, because I’m an Aries. So if you are given a challenge, you will definitely pursue it. The more he moves away, the more I chase,” said Farhan.

But the question is, is there really anyone who doesn’t like a guy as handsome as Farhan Rasyid? Oh, unbelievable.


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