Unique! 25 Baby Boy Name Ideas for Twins

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1NEWS, Bandung —

Having twins is often the desire of every parent. Moms also usually want to give a pair and matching name for the twins.

Entering the days leading up to childbirth, Moms should have prepared a beautiful and prayerful name for the child.

For that, here are the names of twin boys and girls that can be your reference, quoted from various sources, Wednesday (18/5/2022).

1. Amar and Amir Mu’minin: Leaders and believers

2. Abdad and Abdid: Diligent in worship

3. Akrom and Akrim Aulia Husna: Noble and likes to do good

4. Arju and Arja Ghufroni Hadi: Someone who expects guidance

5. Afwa and Afwi: Someone who is forgiving and compassionate

6. Adla and Adli: Someone who is just and more lively

7. Bana and Bani Aulia Husna: Good and noble offspring

8. Bara and Bari Jauhari Fahmi: Beautiful as first and smart

9. Balma and Balmi: Smart and ascetic boys

10. Balwa and Balwi: Clean and commendable boys

11. Basima and Basami: Men who smile and hint

12. Burhan and Barhana: Becoming a beautiful religious proposition

13. Daffa and Daffi: Bringing to life the dynamism

14. Dana and Dani: Someone whose religion is strong and true

15. Dakka and Dakki: Precious as gems

16. Dalwa and Dalwi: Easy sustenance

17. Daira and Dairi: Children who will become rulers

18. Dalfa and Dalfi: Strong and brave

19. Dauda and Daudi: Stylish and handsome

20. Farhan and Farhatan: Always be happy and be a helper

21. Fuada and Fuadi: Beautiful heart

22. Fakhru and Fakhri: Great Leaders

23. Fawwaz and Faiz: Happy and handsome

24. Falah and Falhan: Happiness all over the world

25. Faras and Faris: Handsome and dashing


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