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In addition to selling flavors, there are other factors that make consumers interested in buying merchandise. Some go to food stalls because the atmosphere is comfortable, the place is beautiful, and strategic. However, not a few consumers are willing to subscribe because the seller has a beautiful face.

That’s exactly what happened in the video that recently went viral on TikTok. A video shows two beautiful-looking dawet ice sellers. This makes a lot of people curious and want to come directly to buy their concoction ice dawet. Check out the full story below.

Two beautiful women selling dawet ice

Beautiful dawet seller [sumber gambar]

A TikTok user named @septianwidasta shared his experience when he stopped at a dawet ice shop. He was surprised when he saw two beautiful women who were selling dawet ice. They were seen busy making dawet and serving the visitors, as well as cleaning the tables in the stalls. Septian praised the dawet seller who was still cute and beautiful. He also guarantees no loss for the singles who want to buy the dawet ice.

Dawet ice shop from Ponorogo

It is known that the shop is named Es Dawet Bu Eko, which is located on Jalan Raya Jabung, North of the Jabung Crossroad, Opposite the Bajang Gate, Ponorogo, East Java. Meanwhile, the two beautiful dawet sellers are Devi and Putri. Both are cousins. The 23-year-old daughter is the owner of a dawet ice shop. Meanwhile, Devi, who is 20 years old, helps serve buyers.

Beautiful dawet seller [sumber gambar]

He admitted that opening a dawet ice shop in 2017 only started on a whim. In fact, Putri only sells during Eid. However, several times his shop went viral and had many customers. So he decided to open a shop permanently.

Not only selling dawet

Beautiful dawet seller [sumber gambar]

Everyday Putri’s mother is assisted by an employee. However, Putri was able to help sell during Lebaran because she was returning home. The shop does not only sell dawet. There are rawon, soto, and fresh vegetables that visitors can buy. The price offered is also quite affordable. Lalapan is sold for IDR 25 thousand, rawon for IDR 13 thousand, soto for IDR 10 thousand, and dawet for IDR 5 thousand.

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Septian’s video comment column was immediately flooded with netizen responses. They were curious to taste the dawet ice directly. Many have asked where the location of the dawet ice stall is. Netizens also praised the beauty of the dawet seller who always smiled sweetly at the buyers.