West Kalimantan BNN destroys 200 grams of methamphetamine belonging to active police officers

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1NEWS, A total of 200 grams of methamphetamine were destroyed by the West Kalimantan Provincial National Narcotics Agency (BNNP), Wednesday (18/5/2022). The destroyed methamphetamine was evidence from the disclosure of the case on Jalan Situt Machmud, North Pontianak.

“We confiscated this evidence from the hands of an unscrupulous member of the active police, initials YD,” said Director of the Eradication of West Kalimantan BNN Kombes Ade Yana Supriyana in Pontianak.

The meth is destroyed using an incinerator. Suspect YD (35), the owner of methamphetamine, and another suspect KO (34) were also presented when the destruction was carried out.

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YD was arrested with Kom while conducting drug transactions in front of the ferry crossing, Jalan Situt Machmud, North Pontianak District, West Kalimantan, April 21, 2022 at around 05.15 WIB.

The suspect entered the narcotics type methamphetamine from Jagoi Babang District, Bengkayang Regency, West Kalimantan-Malaysia border, by land using a four-wheeled vehicle to Pontianak City.

The disclosure of the case began with information received by BNNP that there would be a narcotics smuggling plan, the target coming from the direction of Jagoi Babang District.

When the team investigated, they found a suspicious gray Toyota Avanza four-wheeled vehicle, then the team followed it to the front of Pasar Puring Terminal, then the vehicle stopped in front of the Siantan Ferry Crossing.

“After arriving at Pasar Puring, the team arrested the perpetrator. From the results of the search in the car, evidence of methamphetamine was found,” said Ade.

Suspect YD admitted that he got methamphetamine from a man named Jali alias Pak Itam who lives in Jagoi Babang. He received the methamphetamine because Jali was unable to pay off a debt that was originally Rp 50 million until it matured in 10 days to Rp 70 million.

“J or PI offered to pay debts with narcotics type methamphetamine and was approved by YD. J is currently a DPO,” said Ade Yana, who also mentioned that YD had previously violated the code of ethics.[]


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