30 Baby Girl Names From the Koran with Various Meanings

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1NEWS, Bandung —

Having children is indeed a joy for every parent. For Muslims, having children who love the Koran is also a dream for parents.

To realize this dream, you can start by giving your little one a name that comes from the Koran.

The following are the names of baby girls from the Koran that are full of meaning for the little one, quoted from various sources, Thursday (19/5/2022).

1. Kamila. Appearing in QS Al Baqarah verse 196 means perfect.

2. Mubsira. Appearing in QS An Naml verse 13 means intelligence.

3. Khalisa. Appearing in QS Al A’raf verse 32 means holy, pure, clean from sin.

4. Maisara. Appearing in QS Al Baqarah verse 280 means people who are given ease, strength, and patience in living life.

5. Laila. Meaning night.

6. Science. Appears in the letter Al Baqarah verse 47 means knowledge.

7. Muthia. Appearing in QS Al Ankabut verse 54 means people who are aware and then repent.

8. Mary. It means a woman who surrenders to God and becomes a noble woman.

9. Riza means a person who maintains honor for fear of Allah

10. Rihanna means woman who smells good

11. Faiqah means a woman who has a high position

12. Abidah means people who like to worship

13. Mawaddah means a woman who is full of love, care and harmony

14. Ruwa means a beautiful girl

15. Tayyibah means holy woman

16. Zahira means a beautiful-looking girl

17. Rania means successful woman

18. Zahrotusyita means flower in winter

19. Nur means light

20. Aizen. Appears in the letter Al Maidah verse 54 means powerful, respected, and noble

21. Hilya appears in Surah An Nahl verse 14 which means jewelry

22. Mafaza. Appears in Surah Ali Imran verse 188 and Az Zumar verse 61 means great success

23. Noah. Appears in Surah Thaha verses 54 and 12 meaning taste, thought, intelligence, and thinking ability

24. Marzia. Appears in QS Al Fajr verse 28 means that Allah is pleased

25. Dafiyah means the person who narrates the hadith

26. Daneen means princess

27. Faizah means victory

28. Fakhirah means a child who is valuable and becomes the pride of parents

29. Ghufrana means forgiveness from God

30. Hadiyyah means a guide to the truth


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