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“The life I’m living always requires me to surrender and be sincere,” said Aida Saskia.

Dream – Aida Saskia admitted that she was very surprised when the doctor declared that she had breast cancer. He never thought he would get the disease.

“I was really shocked because I also just recovered from meningitis for 19 months. So there was fluid in my head,” said Aida Saskia, quoted from YouTube Langit Entertainment, Thursday, May 19, 2022.

According to Aida, before getting the breast cancer verdict, she was very happy because she was declared cured of meningitis. The results of the MRI showed that there was no fluid in his head.

“Then suddenly being sentenced to an extraordinary frightening disease, it must have been very shocking,” he added.

Aida Saskia© Aida Saskia

Photo: YouTube Langit Entertainment

This 36-year-old dancer could only cry hearing the doctor’s verdict. He was also confused about telling his extended family about breast cancer.

“But like it or not, I want to share it with my family,” said Aida.

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Surrender and Sincere

However, Aida could not refuse fate from God. He is sincere in living the destiny given to the creator.

“Again, I couldn’t refuse the qodarullah that I had to go through. At first I felt, ‘O Allah, what kind of trial is this again?’ Again, I’m just grateful,” said Aida.

Aida Saskia© Aida Saskia

Photo: YouTube Langit Entertainment

Now, Aida can only surrender to live her life struggling to recover from breast cancer that is eating away at her body at this time.

“The life I’m living always requires me to surrender and be willing to let go of whatever God wants from my breasts, from the womb to my age,” said Aida Saskia.


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Viral After Making a Suicide Prank, 5 Portraits of Aida Saskia’s Struggle Against Breast Cancer

Dream – Aida Saskia went viral for doing prank attempted suicide to increase his popularity. However, his name has never been in the world of entertainment in the country.

The latest news, Aida is undergoing treatment against her breast cancer. He did chemotherapy in the hospital. In the photo shared on Instagram, Aida is seen lying on a hospital bed.

Hopefully, Aida’s treatment will run smoothly so that she can fight cancer and can be active in the entertainment world. The following is a portrait of Aida Saskia who is undergoing breast cancer treatment.

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1. Weak in the Hospital Bed

AAisa Saskia© AAisa Saskia


A portrait of the current condition of Aida Saskia, a musician and DJ who is currently battling breast cancer. He appeared to be asleep in a hospital bed.

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2. Undergo Chemotherapy

Aida Saskia© Aida Saskia


For the sake of his recovery, Aida had to undergo a very painful chemotherapy process several times.

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3. Keep Fighting

Aida Saskia© Aida Saskia


Even though it was hard to undergo chemotherapy, Aida was patient and sincere about it. He is also excited for the chemo that is being done.

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4. Almost Bald

Aida Saskia© Aida Saskia


While undergoing chemotherapy Aida’s hair fell out and was almost bald. He also often wears a head covering.

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5. Intensive Care in Hospital

Aida Saskia© Aida Saskia


Aida also underwent intensive treatment at the hospital several times for her recovery.