Arie Kriting Jealously Sees His Wife’s Romance with Reval Hady | 1NEWS

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Arie saw Indah Permatasari’s acting like it was real

Dream – Arie Kriting was jealous to see the chemistry of Indah Permatasari and Reval Hady while playing in the series Wedding Agreement.

He could not even watch his wife’s acting in the drama because the fire was burning with jealousy seeing the intimacy of Indah and Reval Hady.

“Yesterday (wife said) ‘darling the next episode is already aired, let’s watch’. I can’t stand my heart, you just watch it,” said Arie in his Instagram account @lambegosiip.

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Because of his jealousy, the owner of the real name Satriaddin Maharinga Djongki was even able to watch only two episodes.

“I watched the first two episodes, I was very jealous here,” he said.

Arie saw Indah’s acting in the drama as real as a wife of Reval Hady. That’s why he didn’t dare to continue watching the web series.

“I think this is a bit too real,” he said with a laugh.

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Netizen Comments

This video invites various comments from netizens.

“It’s a risk, bro, to have a beautiful wife… a little jealous… poor look at Ari’s face… I think it’s really sluggish,” said the hera_fadil account.

“Bg Arie, it’s so beautiful, so sweet,” said the account nina_91siregar.

“Yes, naturally the guy is handsome,” said the evaahanii account.