Horror! There is no fire, these 6 people are scorched by themselves

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Horrible without fire, these 6 people burned by themselves - Photo 1

1NEWS, It is a terrible thing to know that the human body can burn itself, even in the absence of an external cause. This phenomenon is commonly known as spontaneous combustion of the human body, which in English is called Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC).

Some might call it an impossible event. However, in fact, throughout the history of mankind, this phenomenon has often been reported, and claimed to have actually occurred. Also, not a few scientists who have tried to understand this mysterious phenomenon.

SHC itself occurs when the body suddenly burns due to heat created by internal chemical activity but without evidence of an external ignition source. Despite its validity, we cannot deny that this concept is interesting despite its frightening nature.

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Then what are the cases, and what is the story?

Reporting from various sources, 1NEWS on Wednesday (18/5) chose 6 SHC phenomena that caused an uproar in the world.

1. Death of Countess Cornelia Zangheri Bandi


The mysterious death of this Italian aristocrat is predicted to be the inspiration for the emergence of the concept and term SCH. While his death was not the first known example of such an event, Bandi’s death so confused many that it sparked a debate that continues to this day.

Bandi died at the age of 66 years, with her death occurring suddenly, on March 15, 1731. According to some reports, the countess appeared to be in a low mood during her last dinner. Some accounts report that Bandi was a brandy drinker, and that he used to apply camphor brandy to his body to relieve pain.

The night before that fateful day, Bandi was accompanied by his maid, and together they chatted until they prayed. The next day, the nobleman confused his servants, because he did not wake up at his usual hour. After being visited in his room, Bandi was found dead in a very pathetic condition.


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