Keep in touch, these 8 artists are good friends with their new ex-husband/wife couple

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Marriage doesn’t always last forever. Many people are forced to divorce for various reasons, including celebrities. But some of them still get along well with their partners after separating. There are those who want to raise children together, others feel that it is better to just get along than to be hostile.

After the divorce, a number of celebs remarried and started new lives. Even so, they try to maintain a good relationship for the sake of the baby. The following is a list of artists who are on good terms with their former spouses or husbands. It’s cool!

1. After divorcing Kalina Ocktaranny, Deddy Corbuzier is engaged to Sabrina Chairunnisa. The three of them get along and stick together for the sake of Azka, the only child

Gathered on Deddy Corbuzier’s birthday/credit: @kalinaocktaranny

2. Wishnutama and Wina Natalia’s divorce did not make them enemies. They even want to get to know each other’s new partners, namely Anji and Gista Putri

They are really compact / credit: @winatalia

3. After the divorce, Anang and Krisdayanti still have a close relationship. Even Ashanty, Anang’s current wife, often sings with Krisdayanti at the same event

Two harmonious couples/credit: tribunnews

4. Now Krisdayanti remarried to Raul Lemos. It was rumored that Krisdayanti was close to Raul’s former wife, Sechah Sagran

Krisdayanti and Sechah’s closeness/credit: tribunnews

5. Marshanda and Ben Kasyafani stay together for the sake of their daughter. Even Marshanda doesn’t hesitate to get to know Ines, Ben’s new wife

Everyone looks happy/credit: tribunnews

6. After the divorce, Mark Sungkar and Fanny Bauty found happiness from their new partners. They all have a close relationship like a big family

Gather together/credit: @shireensungkar

7. After marrying Hanung Bramantyo, Zaskia Adya Mecca still gets along well with her ex-husband’s family. They look happy and together

Everything gets along well!/credit: @zaskiadyamecca

8. Latest, there is Zikri Daulay. As is known, his best friend, Alvin Faiz recently married Zikri’s ex-wife. Both divorced a few months ago, Alvin decided to marry Henny Rahman. Zikri and Alvin’s relationship is still good until now

That’s a row of artist couples who still get along even though they are divorced. They even want to get to know each other and have a close relationship with each other’s new partners. That attitude can be a good example for their children. It turns out that divorce doesn’t need to end in hostility, it can actually create happiness~


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