Kim Sae Ron Apologizes For DUI Case, Decides To Resign From New SBS Drama | Kpop Chart

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The DUI case of one of the young South Korean actresses, Kim Sae Ron, has caused a stir, which is now the Gold Medalist as her agency released an official statement.

On Thursday (19/05), Gold Medalist released an apology from Kim Sae Ron for the next step from the actress.

Kim Sae Ron (Photo: Instagram ron_sae)

“Hello. This is Gold Medalist Entertainment.

First, we apologize for the delay in the official statement as it took time to confirm the facts. We sincerely apologize for causing concern for the accident that occurred through drunk driving by our agency actress Kim Sae Ron. Kim Sae Ron deeply reflected on her mistake.

Next, Kim Sae Ron sincerely apologizes to the many people who were harmed and uncomfortable through this as well as to everyone who worked hard to repair the damaged public structure. He had promised to do his best to recover the damage.

Kim Sae Ron was discharged after yesterday’s blood test (May 18), and she will dutifully cooperate with the police investigation.

The agency also feels very responsible for events like this. We once again apologize to everyone who has experienced any inconvenience from this situation. We will do our best going forward to actively resolve this while communicating.

In order to prevent this situation from happening again, the agency will work harder to be more careful in managing our artists. We once again apologize for causing concern.” obviously long agency.

In addition, Kim Sae Ron is also known to be stepping down from his position as one of the stars of the latest SBS drama, *Trolley*, “Kim Sae Ron’s agency conveyed its desire to resign by apologizing, so we accepted his request,” explained the SBS drama production team. (1NEWS)